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An Ho [6047]
Jun 14, 2018

My first psychedelic trip. [A cliche hippie story]


Edited: Jun 15, 2018

I went to my 1st FMG in 2004. There was something special about that experience & at that moment in time I didn't really think too highly of at the time. Fast forward 10 years later... During that span of time a lot of the pressures & expectations of society had left me wondering what was my purpose in life was as life had seemed empty & void. It had been a long time since I had felt happy as depression had always been a constant for me for as long as I could remember in my life.

Flash back to 4 years ago I took acid for the first time at my 2nd FMG & didn't expect anything profound to happen to me [which obviously did not turn out how I expected since I'm writing this story]. I probably only took half a tab from what I remember. Nothing really crazy happened while I was on the trip except for visual slowdowns & the hearing of voices when no one was anywhere around me during the night. Come morning time as the sun is coming out I go out of the dance-floor to wind down & get away from all of the madness.


Out of nowhere the drug hits me like a ton of bricks, but not in the usual way you would think it would. I got a feeling of peace that I haven't felt of in a long time. All of the worries I had of life did not matter. The trivial things in life & stresses that come with needing a job to be accepted in society didn't matter. All that mattered to me was to be happy & to enjoy life in the moment. That everything in life would be okay & that the meaning of life was to just experience the journey [perhaps to fully realize my potential in life].


That FMG I went to 4 years ago has changed my life in ways I can never fully understand. It was an experience that I will never forget. It was a cloudy day in July & it had rained once we got to the party in the middle of the desert & stopped shortly after. Once the clouds had gone away the moon was big, bright, & beautiful. Words fail to serve it any justice. Dancing & seeing the sun rise among like-minded & beautiful people I met that day that are all experiencing life. Beit that they are rich or poor we were all in it together living in the moment & not caring about anything else. It was nothing short of magical.


This story may have seemed like it would be just about an acid trip, but it was so much more. It's about how I felt alive again & how I continue to live to experience moments like these again. It's moments like these that we come together to celebrate life, & it's because of what we have here that allows us to do so. For that I am forever grateful to be apart of, & to live in the love that is Moontribe. Tribe is love, tribe is life.

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