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Live in Love

Over the past several years, our tribe has grown. We are restating and reaffirming our core values in order to educate and integrate our tribe so there is a shared intention, strong community bond, and affirmation of the sacredness of the Full Moon ritual. 


Live in Love: Be our best selves

Love yourself -- through thoughts, words, and actions that elevate your personal vibration; make healthy choices; celebrate in a way that allows you to stay present; take personal responsibility.


Love others -- in thoughts, words, and actions that elevate the community vibration; look out for others; keep track of your friends; introduce yourself to your neighbors at camp and on the dancefloor; be kind, compassionate, and generous; respect one another.


Love the world -- pack out what you bring in; be mindful or and protect desert plants and animals; leave no trace –– in fact, leave it better than you found it!

We gather to participate in the timeless ritual of  dancing under the Full Moon

Dancing brings us together, making our connection stronger. It inspires and soothes the soul. Dancing can also help people work through deep emotions and can be a time of personal contemplation.



Hold space for people to realize their higher self & raise the vibration
We encourage healthy choices: moderation, nutrition, hydration, and celebration! We take responsibility for ourselves so that we are not a burden on others. We look out for each other and are each empowered to compassionately resolve any issues that arise at the gatherings. We respect the space of everyone and recognize our shared humanity. We actively cultivate an atmosphere of health and well-being.

We are a DIY community and together we co-create our experience 

We inspire each other and each bring something unique to the community. If you want to build an altar, create a chill space, or freely share food/art, bring your offering and elevate the vibe (simplicity is preferred)! We foster a gifting environment and the virtue of joyful generosity.


The dancefloor is a moonlit sacred space 
We unite on one dancefloor with the moon and sun being our primary sources of light. Take a break from artificial light sources so you can commune more deeply with nature. 

We are a donation- and volunteer-based gathering

We rely on the community's generosity through donations and volunteerism to ensure that our community thrives and is sustainable. Organizers and DJs are unpaid volunteers. Money collected goes towards sound, location, potties, insurance, equipment, supplies, scouting, and occasional deco. Any extra money collected is saved for use on future gatherings or charitable causes.

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