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How to volunteer at gatherings

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

We've got less than one lunar rotation to organize for this next full moon... and with a 5 day gathering planned(June 25th - 29th), there's plenty to do.

Whether your intention is to volunteer in ways that are clearly outlined OR to initiate projects that require a team of volunteers, please keep the core aspects of Moontribe's ethos in mind.

Moontribe's culture of volunteerism If someone needs to do something in order to ensure a better, safer gathering, then that person might be YOU. Through radical acts of initiation and participation, Moontribe has matured into the gathering we have come to love. After 25 years, of repeatedly expressing this collective act of volunteerism, aspects of Moontribe's ethos are crystal clear. Moontribe is not publicly marketed, is non-profit in practice, is funded completely on donations, staffed lovingly by volunteers, does not allow vending of any kind yet encourages a gift and sharing culture, enjoys one sound-system and shares directions only to those on the email list. Trying something new A forum has been created along with several "topics of discussion" that correspond to the various areas of volunteerism that are in need of support. i.e. greeting(door), parking, trash and recycling, medical etc.

So how can I help? 1) Sign up for the forum! [] Use the email that you used to receive this email or Moontribe's emails.

2) Once approved, you will be able to log in to see a list of Volunteer Opportunities at []

3) "Follow" the categories you want to support and start participating in the discussion. 3a)The most help will be needed with Greeting at []

4a) Suggest new Volunteer Opportunities that aren't listed and that will add value to the gathering by clicking "new post" under the Volunteer discussion at [] and describing your idea. 4b) If your idea/project is approved a moderator will add that to the main list so that others can start to "follow" and discuss.

5) Start enrolling others to "follow" and participate by sending them the forum sign up link []. 5a) They must still await approval which is fastest if their email is already on Moontribe's mailing list

6) IMPORTANT: Future volunteer organizing emails will probably ONLY go out to those who sign up on the forum as instructed

7) I'll be looking for team leaders in all of the categories. If this sounds like YOU, just mention this under the category you're interested in taking a lead role.

I'm happy to answer questions. There's many ways to contact me. Some are detailed below and theres also a chat window in the bottom right of every page of the website that goes right to my phone. I'm excited to work and play with all of you.

live in love!

michael be username: noomoon(follow me)

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